Cineme Shorts October 2020

Eclectic mix of short films

Totos by the River, Redcliff Street, Bristol BS1 6HU

Monday 26th October 2020
7.30 pm.

Please join us for an evening of short films - some of them locally made, some from further afield, but all of them wonderful.

Free attendance for this month.

Cineme and Totos hope you enjoy your evening but ask you to please observe hygiene / social distancing measures.  These include:

  • Maximum 30 attendance.
  • No more than 6 people in group sitting together
  • Please use the hand sanitiser.
  • Retain social distancing of minimum 1m
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs.  Elbow bumps okay.  Air kissing okay if 1m apart.
  • face covering for arrival / departure

If anyone feels unwell, or have recently experienced possible symptoms, please stay at home